How it all started - A short history

It was in 2008 when I started breeding chickens. I began with the strain “Belgian Malines” of the color “Barred”. “Belgian Malines” is a local breed best known for its good meat production and also because they give a fair amount of eggs. I bought some chicks as a starter and in 2009 I got a simple incubator with the maximum capacity of 28 eggs and started breeding. With each generation, I tried to get better chickens.

As a person who is particularly interested in genetics, I read and studied more about chicken genetics. It is very fascinating to know of these genes, and create better birds with each generation. You can also produce new colors of the existing breeds, and even create new varieties.


From 2008 until 2013, I have only breed with this variety in the color “Barred”. And at the end of the year, I stopped with this breed. 

I was searching for a breed that gives bigger egg production. I eventually came across the Australian variety “Australorp”. They are more or less in the same size of the “Malines”, only that they produce almost twice the amount of eggs per annum. They keep laying eggs in winter too. This breed exists in various colors, but I only have the black since February 2014. 

I also like them in the color white. But since they are rare and hard to find, I decided to start a project to breed them with the white Leghorn. I found out that this cross-breed already exists in the United States of America. There they are called “Austra White”, famous for good egg production. I have the White Leghorn since 2014.

In 2014, I attempted to experiment and build my own incubator. It has the capacity of 42 eggs and used it for the first time on March 2015. It resulted to a successful hatching of 9 “Australorp” and 27 “Austra White” chicks

I later on included the breed Silkie and Ayam Cemani which hatched on May 2015.